Monday, 13 June 2016

Binge Worthy TV

Morning Friends! 

After a huge weekend I am absolutely shattered! So not a great start to the week haha. It is rainy and wet today = the perfect day to sit home in your PJ's and watch tv. Sadly there is washing, work and about a million other things that need to get done before the TV binge can begin. 

Here are a few of my binge worth TV recommendations for these cold, wet days or really any me time! 

The Office 

Steve Carell + John Krasinski = hilarity! I prefere the American version of this series and trust me if you haven't met Michael, Jim and the Dunder Mifflin crew yet, you need to! This show is witty, a tad silly but filled with lots of heart. A definite must-watch. 

One Tree Hill 

This show is so bad its good! Typically teen drama that I fell in love with way back when. However even now I can't help but love a few 'highly dramatic' episodes. I have been re watching season 6 and it is just as corny as I remembered! Love me some One Tree Hill and that mid 2000's fashion! 


Holy Moly Offspring is retuning to our screens #eeekkkk!! All you fellow Aussie friends will have herd of this wonderful Australian drama/comedy that is all good things. Funny, dramatic and totally relatable, the Proudman family are kooky and wonderful. I can't wait for them to return to TV next month, but until then you can re-watch the past seasons on Ten Play. 

Breaking Bad 

I have only just started this show, as in I'm up to episode three. So no spoilers please!! But this one has been recommended to me countless times and was a huge hit when it was on the air. I'm excited to see how it all unfolds! 

Please send my your recommendations and happy watching friends! 


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