Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday Friends!

Every Friday I share a few of my favourite things from the week. They can be anything from a new favourite song to a candle! This week my favourite things are a little bit of everything. 


I just started watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and love it. I have taken a small and difficult break from Gilmore Girls so needed something to put on  in the background as I work and potter around the house. This show is sweet, funny and stars Ellie Kemper. A win in my books! 


How cute is this off the shoulder, bell sleeve shirt? I wore it several times on my recent trip to New York and am still totally obsessed. For details on the shirt and to see my of my NYC fashion essentials  check out Wednesdays post here! 


Spring has sprung! Spring is my favourite season so I'm excited to welcome it. Here in the Southern Hemisphere spring is a chance to spend the day outside without burning in the heat! The weather plus some pretty special flowers coming out to play, makes it a great time to visit! 


Aspinal of London is an iconic leather goods brand which has been my go-to gift source for years. I bought my dad a beautiful passport  holder embossed with his initials a few years ago and immediately got requests from other relatives! Last year I treated myself to this berry coloured one and use it whenever I travel. You can find their full collection here.


As always some wise words to start your weekend. 

Have a great break friends and see you Monday! 



  1. I've always started watching Kimmy Schmidt a few times but always end up picking something else- currently watching my way through Hart of Dixie! I love that bell sleeve top- I always find the sleeves too long on me, so I'm loving the shorter sleeve length of that one.

    1. I hear Heart of Dixie is really good! Might have to watch that next!

  2. Love that off the shoulder top!! I haven't had the courage to wear one yet but I love the trend! LOVE that passport holder. I need to update mine & pink is my fave color!

  3. 1000% recommend these passport holders they are just too cute and fantastic quality! Thanks for stopping by Kelsey!