Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday Friends! 

This week has absolutely flown, probably because I have been insanely busy. But hey, I'm not complaining because that means its the weekend! This weekend I will be celebrating two very special peoples birthdays and may even try to sneak in a sleep in. I can't wait! But before the celebrations begin lets take a look at my favourites fro the week! 


On Wednesday I shared a little bit of life lately. It includes a whole lot of beach time, a little shopping and the usual work / school / chore chaos. You can find it here! 


Tonight we are celebrating my sweet friend, Kate's birthday. Kate and I have been friends for years now and we have traveled the world, laughed, cried and drunk a whole lot of wine. This girl is defiantly a favourite today and every day. Happy Birthday Koko! 

Like many of you I am very particular about my perfume. For about two years I have been stuck on Tory Burch's 'Eau De Parfum Spray'. However last christmas I decided to step outside of my norm and try something different, asking Santa for Flower Bomb by Vitor & Rolf ;) I'm so glad Santa pulled through because this perfume is divine! 


So I'll admit I have been terribly lazy with my ready lately. Like shocking! However I do have to say my current book (which I have mentioned a few times on the blog) is not all that great. After reading several amazing reviews for this book I purchased it immediately but honestly I'm just not that into it. So the question is at what point do you give up on a book? Do you persevere and finish books regardless if you enjoy them or not? Or should I throw the towel in now and move on? Let me know! 

Wise words as always to start off our weekends! 

Have a terrific few days friends! 


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  1. Ugh I stuck it through a bad book in January. It did pick up a bit but way too late into the story. The beach picture is fantastic! Have a great weekend.