Friday, 17 February 2017

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday Everyone! 

This week has  been crazy busy so I'm thrilled to welcome the weekend. This weekend you can catch me at the beach enjoying the last few moments of Summer, catching up with friends and celebrating, birthdays, new homes and farewells. It should be lots of fun! But before the festivities begin here are my favourites from the week! 


This weekend you can find me listening to this album. It screams summer to mean and although its an oldie its a goodie! #iheartjackjohnson


Speaking of oldies but goodies, My big Fat Greek Wedding happened to be on TV last night as my sister and I sat down to talk. We put it on in the background and with 5 minutes where transfixed. I love this movie all these years later and still find it as funny and sweet as ever. 


Now not to bore you with entertainment suggestions, but I can't not include Sir David Attenborough as a favourite. Thanks to Netflix I'm rediscovering old movies and documentaries constantly. This week it was Sir Attenborough's 'Life' doc-series. I urge you all to watch it. AMAZING! 


A few of you have asked about these shoes which have featured on the blog several times. To answer a few of the questions, they come in three colours, including the tan and black as I have worn. They are indeed very comfortable and run true to size. You can find them here.


Last but not least, wise words to start your Friday. 

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! 


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