Friday, 11 December 2015

Weekly Wrap-up!

Happy Friday Everyone!! 

I am slowly getting back into the swing of real life. AKA attempting to wash the mountain of dirty clothes that we came home with, answer all of my missed emails and catchup on my christmas shopping! This means that the weekend can not come soon enough! But before I enjoy some time by the pool this weekend, here is what has been happening lately. 

                                       Tis' the season, so the wreath is hung and the tree is up! 

Now I love a colour coordinated christmas tree, but I'll be real, we just aren't 'that' family. We are not that organised and I am a pretty sentimental gal. Meaning every ornament we have ever received or bought somewhere special is hung up on that tree. Colour, shape, size be dammed! Thus I present you with our 'eclectic' christmas tree. 

Speaking of christmas... I may have purchased an early christmas gift for myself! This gold MimCo watch is a classic and is my special treat this holiday season. You can find it in store and online here. 

Remember if you haven't quite finished your holiday shopping just yet. Be sure to check out my suggestions for kids gifts here and here.

As well as these chrissy presents for the lovely ladies in your life. Check them out here. 

Finally a new picture of my fur baby, post swim. He love love loves the pool, especially during this heat! We will for sure be enjoying our pool this summer! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Lou xxx

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