Friday, 3 February 2017

Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday Friends! 

This week has absolutely flown and I'am thrilled to welcome the weekend as well as a little down time. This weekend you can find me shopping, drinking wine and spending time at the beach - my idea of bliss! But before we head beachside here are a few of my favourites from the past week. 


Um wow! This movie was sensational. I saw Lion on Tuesday night with some girlfriends and it was incredible. The story (which is true by the way) is completely captivating, the cinematography is beautiful and the acting is exceptional. This is an absolute must see. 


If you missed yesterdays recipe you can catch it here. This is the perfect mid week dinner but is also a great weekend much that is super simple, fresh and delicious! 


I'm going my nails a little break from shellac at the moment and painting them myself. Does everyone else dread / suck at this?!? But when I finally conned myself into painting them at the start of the week I chose OPI's 'Angle with a Leadfoot' and it is gorgeous. The perfect crisp white that doesn't look dirty or blind you. Love it! 


So I bought myself a tiny early birthday present yesterday and I don't feel one bit guilty because its so darn cute. This little black dress is linen, the perfect length and fits like a glove. I may even save it for my upcoming birthday celebrations because its just that cute! You can find it online here.


As always some wise words to start our weekend! 

See you Wednesday friends! 


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  1. Happy Friday! That pasta dish looks amazing! The dress is really cute, and looks to be a fun party dress. And I love, love, love that quote! -Sara