Monday, 18 July 2016

Vacation Packing!

Morning Friends! 

We are headed camping later in the week so packing / shopping / organising / stressing is in full force here. When I started organising all the many many many things that I need to take with us I began thinking about my packing process and tips. Today I'm sharing my three biggest packing tips that I have learned throughout a life of international travel. Regardless of where you are going or what type of vacation you are taking next, I promise these tips will be helpful! 

Make A List 

I know this seems like a total obvious but I have learnt over the years that if it isn't on a physical list you can cross off, it will be forgotten in the pre holiday chaos! I write down everything we could potentially need from rain jackets to tissues. Its all on the list baby! 

Designate a Packing Space 

I know a tone of people do this but this is seriously the only way I can get organised. I use the spare bedroom as designated packing zone. Lay every single thing out on the bed and work from there. I like to sort items into four categories - Clothes, toiletries, personal items i.e books, electronics and then a fourth pile of 'living supplies' if we are camping or having to bring sheets etc. 

Organise Outfits Pre Departure 

The best way to prevent over packing is planing! I try and plan all of my outfits, including shoes and underwear before I leave. Now this is where my OCD kicks in. If you are traveling with kids or simply want an organised way to disifer what is clean or dirty after day three of your trip, use zip lock bags! I buy the largest zip locks I can find and sort each outfit into a single bag. That way you can pull out one bag with everything you will need for the day without rummaging through an entire suitcase. This also means at the end of the day you shove those dirty clothes into the zip lock bag and won't accidentally wear those dirty socks again :) 

So there you have it, my three biggest packing tips. I know there are about a million more I could share but I would love to hear yours! How do you prepare for a trip away? Please comment below! 

Have a wonderful day friends! 


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