Friday, 15 July 2016

Friday Favourites!

It's Friday and I'm pumped! 

Although this week has been blissfully uneventful, I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. This weekend we are packing for our camping trip next week, celebrating my grandfathers birthday, brunching and hopefully fitting in a few chores! And a nap or movie break would be lovely, fingers crossed I can squeeze that in! But before I can even think about the weekend I better share my favourites from this week! 


This may seem like a completely random favourite but this water bottle is brilliant. A water bottle that filters your water, no matter the tap... Genius! Although they are usually priced around $15 I found them reduced my local supermarket the other day. It's a splurge for a basic I'll admit but clean water is a must and since I will be camping next week, this baby is a must! Check out their official site here!


On Wednesday I shared a whole lot of outfits! I have been so slack lately, forgetting to snap a pick of my outfits as I run out the door. But I'm pleased to say that I'm changing my ways and managed to capture a few cute getups this past week. If you missed this post you can catch it 


Ok this may not be 100% true because it is Winter here and I doubt that is the official season of camping! However some friends and I are packing up the car and heading south next week for 5 days of outdoors fun. How did I get conned into this again?!? I'm not a huge camper but I know that it will be a great trip. After all its not about where you go or how much you spend, its about the people your with! Lucky for me, my people are pretty wonderful. 


So I'm aware that the year isn't 1980 and most people don't buy physical travel books anymore, thanks to trip advisor etc. But I'm a secret nerd and organisation freak. I love planning my holidays  and having a solid understanding of the city I'm about to visit. No matter if you are visiting a city for the first or fifteenth time, you can't go past a pocket travel guide by Lonely Planet. My NYC one is currently filled with post its and scribbles! You can pick up these books for all countries in most bookstores or Amazon. 


Last off, as always some wise words to start your weekend! 

Happy Friday friends! 


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