Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday Friends! 

Life here is about to get hectic, from October on I aways manage to have full weekends, a tone of work and an arm long list of chores and jobs. I know that all of these activities will be a blast and worth all the stress but I'm still relishing in my few quite days (I know they are numbered)! But before the weekend chaos ensues here are a few things I'm loving from this past week! 


my new, Dr Dennis Gross, Alpha Beta Glow pads.  I have read about these for a while now with a tone of people recommending them to be so I started using them a few days ago. So far I'm liking the subtle tan / glow effect they give my skin. However they are super pricy for such a small box, so lets see how the summer budget goes :/ 


Yesterday I shared this super simple and deathly delicious Marsbar slice recipe. I foe missed it you can catch it here. the perfect treat for the weekend! 


Afternoon beach side walk with friends before girls dinner. 100% a favourite. What a beautiful place to spend a Wednesday afternoon! 


Wow! This documentary was cray-zay! I will share more of my thoughts later next week but if you happen to have a spare hour this weekend definitely give this documentary a go! Such a compelling story with plenty of twists and turns. You can find it on Netflix. 

Last but not least a little Friday  inspo! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


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  1. I wished we lived closer to the beach!! Chelsea @