Monday, 16 January 2017

New Year Resolution

Happy Monday! 

Today we are talking about New Year Resolutions. 

Now I know most of you are sitting there thinking 'lady its mid january, you have missed the boat'! But It's never too late for a little self improvement and the first 15 days of January have given me a little extra time to decide what I want to work on this year! 

This year I'm setting myself some small but very important resolutions, some may even resonate with you personally. So here they are. 


Eat breakfast! I know this must seem like an obvious task for a grown adult but I'm terrible with this. I'm never hungry when I first wake up so I wait a while and then I end up getting caught up in getting ready, making lunch, answering a phone call etc. Next thing you know its 10am and Im starving! 

This is a terrible pattern and this year I'm going to change it! After all isn't Breakfast the most important meal of the day? 😁


Practice more yoga! Yoga is great for your body as well as your mind. Cheesy but true! The more yoga I do the more relaxed I am and the better I feel. Its time to whip out that yoga mat! PS. If you are looking to start yoga or simply want to practice at home I cannot recommend the Yoga Academy App enough! Available on iTunes and fantastic. 


Spend more time with my parents! Again this is so simple but so important. Life is super busy and our entire families schedule rarely aligns for a full family get together. But one goal of mine this year is to spend more time with my parents one on one. No phones with incoming texts or emails. Just time together to catchup. 


Last but not least, spend more time outdoors! After a long week of work there is nothing more tempting than lying in bed watching netflix and catching up on some sleep. But a trip to the beach *which for me is so close by, is well worth the drive. How lucky am I to live in a country this beautiful!

So there you have it my new year resolutions!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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