Friday, 5 August 2016

Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday Sweet Friends! 

This weekend I have a housewarming party, my grandmothers birthday and a whole lot a work to get done! But before we pop the Champagne I'm sharing a few of my favourites from this week! 


I bought these new Birkenstocks last week and I'm loving them. I have never had a pair before but I felt like I should join the craze train. They may be a little expensive but they are so comfy and I happen to think their pretty funky! Grab a pair here.


You all know how I love my MAC lipsticks! Well I think I officially have a new favourite shade. This is Peach Blossom and my new love! You can grab one online here.


On Tuesday I shared a few Pins from July which I loved! If you missed the post you can catch it here and remember you can find all my Pinterest boards here! 


My holiday is only a few days away now and we are pumped. So before I leave I would love some last minute recommendations from you lovely folk. Places to eat, museums to visit, anything. Please post or message me! 


Finally, as always a few wise words to start your weekend! 

Have a fabulous few days everyone and I'll see you Monday! 


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