Friday, 12 August 2016

Friday Favourites

Morning Friends! 

It is finally Friday and I'm so thankful! This week has been absolutely huge and I'm exhausted. Packing, planning, work, friends, more planing and a whole lot of laundry. I can not wait for a sleep in! Amongst the chaos there are always a few sweet/ fun / silly / beautiful things that I find and have to share, so here they are. 


I shared this picture on Instagram over the weekend and just had to share it again! How stunning is this ornamental Kale? NON eatable but still gorgeous, this colourful plant is the perfect housewarming present or gesture! 


A few people have asked about this lip colour, featured in my Weekly Wardrobe post. For those curious it is 'Bikini Pink' by Bobbi Brown. I received this last christmas from my best friend and love love love it! Thanks Soph ;) 


These espadrilles are 1000% a favourite! I bought a pair two weeks ago and have worn them almost every day since. I love these shoes so much I bought a second pair! Best part about them they are only $15 ... Thats right $15!!! You can find them online here!


If you are looking for a sweet treat this weekend then look no further. I made this brownie mouse trifle last weekend for my grandmothers birthday and it was a huge hit. Find the recipe here!

Finally, as always some wise words for your weekend. 

Have a wonderful few days friends. I'll be back on Monday for one last post before I head off on vacation. See you then ! 


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