Monday, 15 August 2016

Life Lately!

Morning Friends! 

This will be my last post until NEXT FRIDAY as I'm off on vacation, Woo Hoo! The last few weeks have been crazy with last minute packing / organising, work and far too much Netflix #noshame. Here is a little look into life here lately! 

I am ashamed to say my yoga practise has gone out the window in the last few months. It was one of my new years resolutions to do more, so I haven't done too well on that one :/ But I'm trying to get back to it and Yoga Academy is helping me! If you haven't already got this App, check it out here. 

I have just started this sweet book by Zoe Sallis and I'm loving it. I'll share more info on my latest read soon! 

A new health cafe/ grocery has opened up just five minutes from our house and I'm addicted. Charlie's Raw Squeeze I think I love you! Can one ever drink too much fresh pressed juice?!?! 

We celebrated one of our dear friends birthdays last week. Her birthday party was elegant as ever and the cake was next level amazing. 

Happy Birthday sweet Laura! 

We also celebrated this amazing man a few weeks ago. My Pa, oh how I love you! 

If you missed the recipe for this insanely delicious chocolate fudge birthday cake you can catch it here!

Random fact - I watched the notebook for the millionth time this week and cried like a baby! Nicholas Sparks, why do you do this to me?!?

But perhaps the greatest event in my life recently is the discovery of Netflix. A little late to the party I will admit but I'm 100% obsessed! I even devoted a whole post to it last week which you can see here!

And with that I'm off! I will be back and blogging next Friday, the 26th. With about a million photos and stories to share from my NYC getaway. Until then stay safe friends and have a great week! 


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