Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July Pins!

Holy Moly its August! 

Seriously how did that happen? I feel like July has flown right by and now it is officially the second half of the year #someoneholdme 

At the end of every month / beginning of the next I like to do a quick post of my recent Pins that I have been loving on all month long. These can be relevant to the season, holidays or just random! Today I'm sharing a little bit of everything! 

Words of Wisdom 

If you are looking for a little bit of wisdom, encouragement or a laugh then this is the board for you. You can check out all of my Pins for this board here!

Party Deco and Ideas 

The last few months have been jam packed with birthdays here so party prep has been intense. These are just a few party ideas I have stumbled upon recently and loved. For more click here.

East Coast Living 

In celebration of my trip to the East Coast this month, EEEKKKK! I have been reasserting and fawning over traditional colonial / east coast style. I have always loved this style, hopefully one day soon I'll have a house that looks just like these ;) For now, a girl can dream! Check out similar pins here!

Have a wonderful day friends, I will be back tomorrow to talk my weekly wardrobe. 


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