Friday, 26 August 2016

New York Trip!

Happy Friday Friends!

I’m home and so excited to share my amazing trip with you all!  We got home yesterday morning so I’m still drowning in dirty clothes and trying to catch-up on admin/ work and life. But I thought I would share the first three days of our trip today. If you are planning a trip to NYC soon or thinking about it, check out these next few posts. My sister was queen of the itinerary so I give her full credit for our excellent schedule. We really did see so much in just 9 days and had an absolute blast! Ok are you ready? Here we go! 

Day One

After landing late the night before we headed straight to the hotel, showered and basically passed out. Those flights are long, my friends! This trip we decided to stay at the Empire Hotel, just a few blocks from Columbus Circle, great location, nice interiors but unfortunately the service is nothing to rave . (I will post about our accommodation later on as we stayed at three different hotels this trip.)

Our small but sweet room. 

The next morning we hit the ground running. We walked past the Lincoln Centre which is literally straight out the door from our hotel and then wandered north to Sarabeth’s on the Upper West Side for breakfast. This place in a New York icon and the food never disappoints!

After breakfast we walked through the upper west side and into central park. We took photos, explored the many, many, many little paths, sitting spots etc the park has to offer and soaked in the gorgeous weather!

My sweet sisters and I enjoying the park!

After a long walk and a boat ride (I rowed the boat) and yet somehow we have no images of that! We wandered to the upper east side for G.J mellons *a legendary burger restaurant , for some lunch and a cold drink. 

After a quick break we walked down the upper east side towards fifth avenue, window shopping and popping into one of my favourite stores anthropology.

Once down on Fifth Ave, we checked out the Rockefeller centre and then headed home to get ready for the baseball.

You really can’t come to NY in the summer without checking out a baseball game. I’m a Yankees gal so watching them playing their home stadium is always fun!

Clearly splurged on the tickets ;)

After a subway ride back to Manhattan it was time for a quick evening snack at Schmackary’s (A cookie & milk store) of course! Then we where straight to bed!

Day Two

Our second day in NYC was absolutely huge!

Lucy and I wandering through Soho.

We headed down to SOHO bright and early for breakfast at the Egg Shop. This place was so cute and the food was next level.  I 100% recommend this place, I’m still dreaming about my breakfast there!

After a wander and shop through Soho it was time for a quick snack at Georgetown cupcakes. Dare I say the best cupcakes in NYC! And trust me I have tried my fare share of cupcakes.

After a little cake stop it was time to head back uptown to check out the NY public library. 

For all you Sex and the City fans you will know this historic place as the almost wedding location of Carrie and Big! We toured this incredible building and sat in the adjoining Bryant park, before walking back to our hotels to change.

After a shower and short rest we walked to the Plaza for a late high tea. The Plaza Hotel is perhaps the most historic hotel in NYC and its high tea is almost as legendary.

Three for high tea please! 

After High Tea it was down to Time Square to check out the chaos and those famous lights. Before we caught a Broadway show. 

We saw An American in Paris and absolutely loved it. The music was fantastic and the dancing was simply amazing. We where so impressed!

Day Three

Day three saw us off to Brooklyn. We caught the subway over to Dumbo where we wandered those beautiful cobble stone streets and grabbed breakfast at Almondine.

After a light breaky it was time to walk a few blocks to the water and take in the incredible view. Dumbo is the best spot in Brooklyn for views of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. 

The Manhattan skyline from there is also pretty special.

A little sisterly love featuring the Brooklyn Bridge!

After a long wander along the water and a bit more exploring we headed to Grimaldi’s for the biggest and probably best pizza of my life!  

After lunch we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to burn off some of that pizza and take in the Manhattan skyline. Then headed home for a quick rest before a Free Walking Tour in Greenwich Village. The tour was awesome and full of so many interesting New York facts. For all tours provided by the company check out their site here!

After our walking tour it was time for a quick dinner at a family favourite, the Brooklyn Dinner *not located in Brooklyn. My dad always took us here before Yankee games so its a family tradition to visit whenever we are in town! 

Phew! You still with me?!? So there you have the first three days of our trip! I will be back on Monday with more pictures etc. Have a wonderful weekend! 


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