Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Netflix Fever !

Morning Friends! 

Ok no judgment please but over the weekend I FINALLY got Netflix! Probably one of the main reasons I wasn't organised enough for a blog post yesterday! Now I know I'am joining the party a little late but holy moly, I need a minute to fan girl. Friends and family have been yabbering on about Netflix for ages but with paid TV in the house already I could never justify the extra monthly cost. 

But my goodness I'm glad I bit the bullet and have come across to the dark side! I have already started three new TV shows and the binge watching has begun. 

This image speaks to me on a deep level ;) 

Ok so here are the three shows you lovely ladies, my friends and co-workers have recommended which I have started. Please please please leave your recommendations because lets be real, I will have watched these all by next month! 

Gilmore Girls 

I heart Rory and Lorelai! Seriously can't I be a Stars Hollow local already. This show is sweet and funny and I'm hooked! Plus its coming back to TV very soon, so I'm desperate to be up to date! 

Grace and Frankie 

This series is reasonably new and has a huge following amongst the Netflix fans. It was recommended to me by several friends and then I read about it on a 'Top10 Must Watch' list. This is a story of friendship, raging gracefully and having fun. This show has plenty of laugh out loud moments and a killer cast! 

Friday Night Lights 

Ok so I started this series and I'm just not sold. Admittedly I'm only two episodes in but I'll be honest I'm not sure its my thing. What do you think? Quit it or stick with it a little while longer? Let me know! 

Like I said before please leave your recommendations, I'll need them stat! 


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