Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Oh hey Wednesday! 

It's the last Wednesday of the month and that means its time to catchup on August! If you are new to the blog or these posts, the last Wednesday of every month is devoted to answering the What's Up questions. This month was primarily dedicated to vacation time but there are a few random bit and pieces included for sure. Ok here we go! 

What we're eating this week 

After a fantastic trip away and off cooking duty it is soooo hard to get back into the swing of things and cooking dinner every darn night. But something delicious and easy such as this chicken quinoa bake makes dinner duty a whole lot easier. You can find the recipe here!

What I'm reminiscing about 

An AMAZING trip to New York City with my sisters and mumma. We had the best time, the weather was beautiful, the food was exceptional and the memories are priceless. Someone take me back already please! 

What I'm loving 

My new R. Nichols candle which may or may not be a Friday favourite this week ;) Stay tuned for more details! 

What we've been up to 

Washing, unpacking, grocery shopping, work and slowly adjusting back into reality / non-vacation life :(

What I'm dreading 

I had to have a small mole removed from my face last week and I now I need another on my back out. I'm not a huge fan of stitches but I have had worse. This is a reminder just how important those skin checks are ladies! 

What I'm working on 

Aside from the mountain of catchup work I have going on I'm starting a new research proposal which is keeping me extra busy. I know I'm lucky to enjoy so many elements of what I do, so there really isn't much to complain about! 

What I'm excited about 

Fair to say I'm not a big winter fan, I love me the sun, the beach and ice -cream. What can I say I'm a summer baby and will always love the heat. Thus I'm not a tad sad to see winter go and welcome spring. Bring on the flowers, baby animals and warmer weather ;) 

What I'm watching

A whole lot of Gilmore Girls and then some more! A few friends have already watched this show and recommended it, a few of us are watching it for the first time now. And the rest will eventually give into our nagging and watch as well. I love the Gilmore Clan! 

What I'm listening to 

Gilmore Girls! I have the show playing on my laptop whenever I'm home at the moment. If I'm doing chores or even cooking I have an episode on in the background. 

What I'm wearing

Tomorrow I will be posting my weekly wardrobe so be sure to check back in then! 

What I'm doing this weekend

This Sunday is fathers day here so we are celebrating my fabulous dad and grandfather. There will be cake and presents and a whole lot of family! So grateful for my sweet dad! 

What I'm looking forward to next month 

September is another big birthday month in my friendship circle. So bring on the parties, champagne and cake!

What else is new

After the mega excitement of my NYC trip, not a whole lot. Remember if you missed my two posts on our recent trip you can catch them HERE  and HERE

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!


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