Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Love letters of great men Volume 1

Happy Wednesday! 

I hope your weeks are going well. Today we are talking about a recent book purchase of mine, which I  think some of you will find insanely corny. I also have a feeling that a few of you will be on Amazon ordering yourself a copy before finishing this post. 

As you guys know I am a total sucker for romance and a book read. Thus, the book of the week is Love Letters Of Great Men. Volume 1. 

If you have seen the Sex and the City movie you will remember Carrie reading the book in bed and Big's quote from the book during his wedding vows. 

This book features love letters from some of histories most fascinating (and romantic) men, including Beethoven, Lord Byron, Mark Twain and John Keats to name a few. This book is a great source of inspiration if you are indeed writing your own wedding vows or a speech. I however purchased this book simply because I am an incurable romantic. 

You can purchase the book here. Have a great day girls! 

Lou xxx

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