Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mixing it up and talking espadrilles.

Hello Everyone! 

So if you have been reading the bog for a little while you probably would have picked up on my post pattern. On Monday we talk my favourite finds, Tuesday we do travel, Wednesday is books etc. However I think it is time to mix it up a bit, so today we are talking shoes! are you still with me?!?

I am a true girly girl and that means that I love me a new pair of shoes. One of my all time favourite styles is Espadrilles. They are comfy, super cute and I own about five pairs. #ineedhelp But I do understand that they are kinda love them or hate them. #eachtothierown 

I bought these at the beginning of spring and have worn them almost everyday. Perfect for running to the shops or school pick up these denim babies are great. You can find them here. This style also comes in gold, which I may or may no have just ordered. Eeeekkk! 

I just saw this pair online and think they are so cute. These come in five different colours. You can purchase them here. 

I bought a pair exactly like these last year and have worn them to death. These are super cure with jeans or a light summer dress. These suede delights can be found here. 

Even Valentino is getting in on the espadrilles action. At $1300 these ones may have to stay on the wish list a little long. *sigh 

Happy Tuesday Girls! 

Lou xxx

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