Friday, 9 October 2015

Weekly Wrap-up!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Now that the weather is heating up we have begun to spend all of our free time outside enjoying the sun. This weekend we plan on chilling out at home, swimming and catching up with friends. Here is what has been happening lately!

Last weekend we headed to the coast for our first beach trip of the season and what a day we had. The sun was shinning and it was the hottest day we have had so far so there was lots of swimming and many ice creams consumed.

The newest member of our family, Mr Louis Labrador has grown so much since we brought him home just three weeks ago. For anyone who doesn’t own a Labrador or know anything about them, these dogs like to eat… a lot! There is no denying he is going to be a big (and very cute) dog!

A few days ago I bought some new Glasshouse fragrence infusers for the house  and I LOVE them. If you haven’t herd of Glasshouse candles you are missing out because they smell amazing! Their fragrance infusers smell just as wonderful and don’t require an open flame, which is a bonus when you are living with kids, big dogs and are a little klutzy! My favorite flavors include Tahah and Amalfi Coast.

I uploaded this picture to instagram earlier today and love pretty much everything about it. My Country Road jeans are my daily go to and I am in love with my new black and white plaid, which you can find here. Also my company is pretty darn cute!

Last up my weekend reading is sorted with the new Donna Hay magazine, which I got in the mail today. I can’t wait to whip up some of these gorgeous summer recipes soon!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Lou xxx

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