Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What's Up Wednesday

It's What's Up Wednesday! 

This last month has been absolutely crazy so I'am excited to re-cap and start getting my May in order! Here is a little look at what's been up in April! 

What We're eating 

Monday was ANZAC day and for all the Australians out there, it is a special day to celebrate the amazing men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. On a less serious note it is a time where we eat our weight in Anzac biscuits #noshame #bestbiscuitsever

My all time favourite ANZAC biscuit recipe can be found here!We are still eating them three days later ;)

What I'm Reminiscing about 

Our beautiful but short weekend up north. If you missed all the pictures or my post about our getaway you can find it here. 

What I'm Loving 

My gorgeous new Country Road puffer vest. I bought this beauty in black but I'am also loving it in this sage tone. You can find it online here.

What we've been up to 

A whole lot of this AKA not much. It has been super busy here of the last few weeks so for now I would like to just lay down and have a nap! 

What I'm dreading 

I posted this 'dreaded' activity a while back but have naturally procrastinated! I really really really dislike the dentist but I know I have to go boooooooo!!!! 

What I'm working on 

Reports, reports and a few more reports. I love my work but sometimes I would really like to just give it all up and become a professional traveler or sleeper. What ever suits! 

What I'm excited about 

My mum, younger sister and I have started to plan a girls trip for August. It was kind of out of the blue and very exciting. More details to come as plans unfold but heres a hint about our destination. It is one of my all time favourite cities to visit and is technically an island. Where are we headed, can you guess? 

What I'm watching/ reading 

Y'all know how much I love Suits! I have just finished season 5 and LOVED it. So much drama, so much romance, so many scandals  - SOOOOO good! 

What I'm listening to 

I always cook to music. Like always, there has to me music in the background for me to focus. And I often just flick on my Spotify to what ever was playing last. However I added a new playlist last week and have been dancing/cooking to John Mayer ever since. This is one of my favourites to sing cook too at the moment. 

What I'm wearing 

Every Wednesday (apart from our What's Up Wednesday's) I share my wardrobe from the week. Outfits I have worn and loved as well as a few new pieces that I have picked up and wanted to share. You can see last weeks Wednesday wardrobe here. 

What I'm doing this weekend

Cooking, spring cleaning, child minding, sleeping and holiday planning. AKA normal chaos. This will be the first weekend in about 6 where we don't have more than two events scheduled so I'm excited to have a quite restful weekend and catchup on some housework!

What I'm looking forward to next month

We have serval friends and family members birthdays in May so it is always a busy and fun month! I already have 5 birthday parties on the calendar and love the excuse to catchup with friends (and eat birthday cake;)

So there you have it! My April What's Up Wednesday!

Have a wonderful day everyone and see you tomorrow!


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