Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday Everyone! 

It's nearly the weekend and that means its time to share my favourite finds! This weekend I will be catching up with my girlfriends, spending time with my family and hopefully getting back into the kitchen! It has been far too long my friends #nowimjustgettinglazy #needtogetittogether

But before the weekend begins lets take a look at my Friday favourites! 


If you saw the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding, there is no denying you will be coming back for more with this sequel. Was it corny? Yes! Was it funny? Yes! Should you see it? Yes! This movie isn't going to win an Oscar any time soon but it is a sweet story about family that we can all relate to on some level! Check it out this weekend while its still in cinemas. 


I love love love my sweet new embroidered top from Stradivarius. Its light, looks great with jeans, shorts or a mini and won't break the budget! You can check it out online here.

Some wise words to start your weekend with. Remember if you are looking for a little inspo or in need of a laugh head to my pinterest board here!


We all know I'm a sucker for Bath and Bodyworks - Japanese Cherry Blossom. So this gift pack was 100% leaving the store with me. BBW has great gift sets for friends or yourself ;) Check out my latest purchase here!   


There really is nothing cuter than a sleepy puppy is there? Ok so he may not be a puppy anymore but he's my baby! #crazydoglady

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


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