Friday, 6 November 2015

Weekly Wrap up!

Who is excited about the weekend??!? I know I am!

  Work is winding down for the year so I have a little more free time on my hands which is always nice. Here is what has been happening lately. 

Last weekend we celebrated my best friends birthday with a garden dinner party. Her party this year happened to fall on Halloween so everyone was in costume. We ate wonderful food, drank wine and sat outside enjoying the spring weather. It was a great night! 

Here we have Cruella De Vil, a cowgirl (myself), Wednesday Adams and someone from Pokemon who I do not regencies hahah. I was raised in a family of girls so my childhood consisted primarily of barbies and doll, aka no Pokemon education for me. 

My fur babies enjoyed the halloween festivities as well. And by enjoy I mean patiently sat with these hats on while I took the photo and them attempted to eat them *sigh. Whats that saying, never work with children or animals??? 

On Wednesday I spoke about one of my all time favourite holiday destinations, Fiji. Seriously people, this place is paradise. Check out my post here. 

Speaking of travel. We are off to Vietnam next weekend and I have finally begin packing! Which is always exciting and a tad stressful. For those of you who asked the sandals pictured are from Midas, you can find them here. And the bikinis are Quirky Circus however are last seasons :( But the brand is currently selling the same style in blue. Which is also adorable! You can find them here.

The weather has been beautiful at the moment. Hot hot hot but beautiful! So a friend and I went for an afternoon walk yesterday by the river. Love my home town! 

Last up some wise words to start your weekend! 

See you Monday! 

Lou xxx

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