Thursday, 14 January 2016

I heart down time !

Hey Ladies! 

I was talking to my girlfriends yesterday about what we have been watching / reading lately and I realised I haven't discussed this with you lovely ladies in a while. So if you are looking for something to binge on this weekend here are a few suggestions ;) 


I LOVE the Bachelor and the latest US series has just begun. This is one of the best seasons I have seen in ages and my girlfriends and I are already hooked haha. #teamben We had a lengthy discussion at lunch today about our favourite girls and winner predictions! 

The Great British Bake Off starts again next week and I am PUMPED. I love me some bake off and I am so excited to have Mary and Paul back on my TV screen. 

I love love love Cold Justice! Not only are these two clever women loving real crimes and helping real families, they are documenting it for all of us to witness. (In the most tasteful and respectful way.) This is 100% my guilty TV pleasure and I blame my sister for getting me hooked on it, haha. 

Can you see a pattern of reality TV here???


I am currently reading the Marriage Plot by Jeffery Eugenides and loving it. I have only just started it (as in 3 chapters in) but so far I like the writing, plot and characters. It is sweet, humorous and I can feel a plot twist coming. #ontheedgeofmyseat 

I have been doing lots and lots of reading about Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all things Middle East over the last few weeks. But all will be revealed on Monday! ;) 


My cousin and I headed to the movies last weekend to see Sisters and enjoy the air conditioning. The movie was funny, bring worthy and sweet. The perfect film to see with your sisters or girlfriends. Ps I love anything Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler! 

I saw this movie just before Christmas with my Mumma and sister and truthfully we where a little disappointed :/ I usually adore any christmas film and especially any film with Diane Keaton but this one fell a little short. 

I heart down time! Have a wonderful day everyone! 

Lou xxx

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