Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Me, Myself and OPI

Morning Everyone! 

Today I am confessing an addiction which most of you already know about... 

I am a total OPI addict/ hoarder/ guru. I mean seriously, I can not walk past the OPI display in any department store without picking up at LEAST one new colour! 

This right here is my heaven. If I could have one of each my life may very well be complete. 

 Does anyone else agree that life can be spinning out of control, crazy busy. But if you have your nails painted you feel like you have it semi-together ?? Or is this just me?! #crazylady

One benefit of my obsessive nail painting is discovering the best new colours and sharing them with y'all. Sharing all the beautiful, creative and fun stuff I find with you lovely ladies, has to be my favourite part of blogging! 

So without further a do, here are a few of my favourite shades right now, that all need in your life!

 Bastille My Heart - the perfect purple/red with a hint of sparkle!

Thanks A WindMillion - This olive green is so cute for summer. I have worn this for the last two weeks! 

Last up my ultimate go-to colour - which you can probably tell by the messy bottle! Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, is the perfect neutral and a must have for any gal! 

Go treat yourselves to a manicure ladies and have a wonderful day!

Lou xxx

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