Friday, 26 February 2016

Friday Favourites!

It's Friyay! 

This week has been busy as usual and I am 10000% ready for the weekend. I plan to sleep in, eat pancakes and go the beach. Ah I'am excited just thinking about it! Before the weekend begins though, lets take a peek at my Friday Favourites!


Both my mumma and I celebrated our birthdays this week. From the 20th of Feb through to the 25th is a constant state of celebration in our house. And although I didn't get to spend my day with this lovely lady I know she would have had a cocktail for me. Love you mum and Happy Birthday!


Speaking of birthdays. How stunning is this flower arrangement I received for my birthday? I was actually speechless when they arrived. A rare occurrence I know! Thank you to my family and friends  who sent me their love via these flowers and a HUGE thank you to for this insane arrangement.  


I'm love, love, loving my new embroiled mini skirt from H&M. 

The detailing is so cute, the cut is very flattering and the price is easy on the bank account. What more can you ask for? Pick one up for yourself here! 


I think I may have discovered Bath and Bodyworks' best candle yet! Thats right people, forget every fragrance preference you have. Because this candle is seriously amazing! Be sure to pop into a store and have a sniff next time you are at the mall. Other wise bite the bullet and trust me. Jump online here and see what all the fuss is about! 


Yesterday, I shared a few of my recent go-to outfits. If you missed my post you can check it out here.


Finally, I saw this the other day and had to share! I'am so thankful I get to share, learn and enjoy lovely little bits of everyday life with all you Strong Women! 

Happy Friday Ladies! 

Lou xxx 

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