Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Summer Beauty Products - Part 2

Hello Everyone! 

I have arrived in in my new home, the land of sand! AKA Abu Dhabi Yay! 

I am slowly settling in and getting organised before I head back to work. Now that I am living on the other side of the world I am also living in a different hemisphere. So although I am technically enjoying Winter over here, *note Winter in the middle east is about 25 Degrees Celsius. My family, friends and some of you lovely folk are still enjoying the heat down south. 

Thus today I am sharing my summer beauty finds, part two! Woo 

Number 1 

Kiehl's Depp Pore Daily Cleanser - I will be honest, for a long time (up until very recently) I was a big believe in store bought face wash. I really didn't see what all the fuss was about regarding fancy cleansers. Many friends, beauticians and sales assistants had previously tried to change my ways but I stood my ground. Until my sister introduced this gem into my life. Y'all get onto this. It has officially converted me to the 'more expensive' yet very high quality world of cleansers! 

Number 2 

Kate Somerville, Nourish Daily Moisturiser - After a good morning face wash you will need a light moisturiser to prep your face for the day ahead. My beauty guru sister also put me onto this product and man, am I thankful she did. This moisturiser is light, refreshing and smells pretty fab. It won't clog up those pores and leaves skin felling fab. 10 out of 10 ladies, 10 out of 10 !!!

Number 3 

Jose Maran, Pure Argan Oil, Light - My friend Lauren gifted me this Argan Oil for christmas and I love her for it! Lauren works in cosmetics so she always knows what products are a hit and which are a miss. I have been using a few drops of this oil on my face every night before bed and love it. Skin is left hydrated and soft without that sticky feeling which many oils do. Thanks Jose Maran and Lauren ;)

Here's to heathy, happy and radiant skin everyone! 

Lou xxx

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