Monday, 1 February 2016

Weekly Wrap-up

Happy Monday Everyone! 

Before I head off overseas tomorrow, lets have a look at life lately. 
January was an absolutely huge month here, from birthdays to beach trips and a quick Sydney break. I feel like I haven't sat still all month! 

I celebrated my birthday (a little early), surrounded by friends, family and my favourite birthday cake! Yummy! 

We then celebrated Australia Day on Tuesday, with a BBQ, a swim and a few glasses of wine. 

There where bad hats, bad temporary tattoos and even worse dancing. It was the perfect way to spend our day off. 

Brown and I have been spending some quality time together, including organising some blog posts!

I am off to continue to try and pack my life up, ahead of tomorrows move! Have a great day everyone!

Lou xxx

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