Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wednesday Wardrobe

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

I hope your weeks are off to a good start. As always on Wednesday, I'm sharing my wardrobe from the week. But I have to apologise as my memory has seriously lapped this week and I have taken all of three photos in the last seven days. Thus only a few rather un-exciting outfits have been recorded haha. #imworkingonit 

I have mentioned this very 'glamourous' Pj set on the blog a few times now. Simple because they are super cute, super comfy and make a fab gift. Thank you Victoria's Secret ! I usually pair this look with some slippers and bed hair ;) My set is no longer available :( but you can find so many cute sets here! 

The weather here is crazy at the moment. One minute its 30C and the next its windy and rainy! However yesterday the sun was out and the temperature was perfect #ohhappydays 
Shorts exact here (On Sale!) 
Shirt exact here 
Watch exact here
Sandals similar here 

Finally, I love this little outfit! My jeans are fabulous but have recently been discontinued, I was so upset! Here  you can find a similar pair.  Same shoe - different colour found at Nordstrom here!

This is a better look at my off the shoulder (un ironed ) shirt! It is last seasons so no longer available but Seed Heritage has a tone of gorgeous similar shirts ON SALE here!

I promise to be better behaved this week and try to both iron and photograph my outfits! See you all tomorrow for another delicious sweet recipe!


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