Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Spring Clean

Morning Everyone! 

It is now officially half way through May, which is exciting and terrifying. This year is flying and has been absolutely hectic so far. A few weeks ago I had about a week off work and decided to get a just start on our 'spring clean'. One a year we try and do a MEGA clean out of clothes, toys, linen, essentially everything. Some things are sold some are donated and some are passed onto friends. Having just donated and sold the last of our 'clean out pile' I'm exhausted! 

However I was wondering what your tips are for a successful spring clean or house clean out. You guys always have great tips and tricks so please comment below. Here are my three biggest tips when attempting such a mammoth clean! 


Go room by room. I'am easily distracted, for instance I will be half way through cleaning out a bathroom cabinet and walk past our messy bookshelf, so will start organising that. If you commit to one room a day (or every few days) and only do that space you will stay on task and actually complete your task! 


Clean a closet a day. Don't try and clean out a room AND its closet in one go. If the task is too big you will give up and abandon the job. Use one day to clean the room of clutter, outgrown toys etc 
and the next to tackle the closets. 


Sort as you go. We have three clean out piles. Toss, donate, gift. These three piles (I use laundry baskets) will help you keep on top of the items you are getting rid of and insure that all items go to the right spot. I have gotten piles confused more than once resulting in the wrong things been thrown!! 


Make you clean out fun (or as fun as possible!) Pump some music, treat yourself with a yummy treat after a successful room clean and get the kids involved. Lightening the mood will make you more motivated to persist with your clean out and will entice the whole family to get involved! 

Happy Cleaning Friends! 

Lou xxx

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